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Publish on 05-29-2016
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Space Station Venus,
By Gordon Ferguson Mackenzie
Science Fiction

Space…the future of Humans

This is a story about a space station orbiting the planet Venus. Its job is to change the atmosphere of the planet, allowing Humans to inhabit it. Not everyone agrees with this. Someone has been put on the space station to stop this happening: a ruthless person with no concern for anyone. A person who will do what ever it might take to carry out his evil mission, by killing crewmembers - and if necessary destroy the space station, by blowing-up its nuclear reactor.

A good read
ISBN 978-1-326-63266-3

Thank You…G.F.Mackenzie

Available to download. The book is on and itunes. Also on ibooks and Barnes & Noble, and also on Amazon plus Kobo and Scridb, plus Adobe Digital Editions.
You can read a sample of this book at the internet sites above.
I hope you read & enjoy this story.