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Publish on 04-08-2012
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Rochard Junior
Robertson Building Suite 505, 221 Spadina Ave,
M9T 2C
Phone: 800.491.5709
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    A la Compra
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Overall action of Rochard Game revolves around manipulation of gravity and John Rochard – daring hero of the game –with his sturdy body structure seems an adventurous nature characterof this block buster game.John Rochard game hero and his team work for Skyrig Corporation and when they accidently entangle into difficult situation created by space bandits, they come across that there are fear-provoking forces at work. Rochard does not surrender before these outlandish forces and makes use of G-Lifter for astute solution of environmental puzzles. Players can make him swing, propel into great distances and jump to move their frivolous enjoyment upwards. Although cartoonish style of John Rochard reflects humor but influence of his personality over players is also very strong.
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