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Publish on 01-26-2013
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Southern Australia
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Hello everyone,
Let introduce me Mr Pierre CHAGNEAU, particular with a certain Fund for the satisfaction of the needs of the French population, Belgian or Canadian etc... and this because of my good liver, not serious then not bother to read me.
You are unfortunately seen you denied credit to the near banks for various causes. You are special, honest and of good character. You have an income that can allow you to occur monthly. More worries I am an individual with a capital of about €5,000,000 I want to put at your disposal a repayable loan a maximum of 20 years at a rate ranging from 2 to 5% depending on the amount requested and the period of repayment.Some parts will be needed.
I propose without any commitment on your part, your situation.
You are looking for a loan.
Real estate, work, consumption, purchase of credits
Why not do it with a professional who has preferential terms.
Study your situation together and see what we can do
We are also interested in investing in the following areas
** Agro-industry
** Building (industrial, commercial, residential)
** Tourism & hospitality
** Mine and oil exploitation
** Small and medium industries
** Transport (road, sea and air)
** Financing and loan in the short, medium and long term.
We have technicians in all areas, and financial resources ready to be invested.
Then try your luck by writing me.
Thank you for your understanding and please contact me if you are really in need.
Kind regards.
Mr Pierre cena.