How place featured ads and Highlighting ads, published or new:

featured ads
    Featured Ads and/or highlight Ads

  • The ads normally takes 60 days of publication, from which can be renewed indefinitely at the user's taste or need another 60 days. as classified ads portal offers you the posibiliadad to featured ads or highlight your ad, making the publication of the ad, more effective

  • 1 Buy Credits

    The first thing you should do is to provide credits. One credit is equivalent to 1 € (euro), for individual packages of publication. For combinations, see rates below.

    buy credits

    Clicking, as shown in the picture. Once you click, if you have username and password, you will access your user account, which tells you that you have credits, if not, user accountif not, you must register. Registration is free and fast.

    Now in your user account, you have an information panel with your credits, information  panelrates and the link to access Paypal or credit card payment.

  • You can pay via Paypal's secure platform,

    Pasarela de pago seguro Paypal
    you do not have a Paypal account, you can also make credit card.

    You select the credits to purchase, always knowing that a featured ad is 9 credits and an highlight ad 6 credits, the price varies depending on the amount of credits (see combinations below) that are acquired.

Select quantity to buy Data Entry Form
Selecting the number of credits to buy. Form data entry of credit card payment.

    Cancellation  of payment

    You can cancel at any time payment

    Full payment

    Payment successful. In your user account, see the purchased credits, you only need to use in your publications, updating the ads and new ads posted or published. To do this, once you have purchased credit, go to the top menu Users, and the section appears down My Ads, select it and their ads will appear in the portal, "click" in Update Ad and only have to mark in Featured Ad or Highlight Ad in yellow background panel, subtracting the corresponding credits and Save ad, it will be featured or highlighted, depending on your selection.

    1.1 Featured Ad Rate: 9 credits = 9 € (euros)

    1.2 Highlight Ad Rate: 6 credits = 6 € (euros)

  • 2 Place featured Ads
    Featured ads always appears at the top of their category / subcategory and the category root, above the new ads. Also in the sections of the category in which you post your ad within the classified ads portal, as an advertising module to link to the ad side. This module always displays three ads (no more than 5 per category), allowing your ad link.

    featured ad

  • 3 Highlight Ads
    The Highlight ad always appears in the lists of ads with a background color that contrasts with the rest, attracted more attention in the lists of ads, either in the main category, as in the different categories. It also appears on the side advertising module.

    highlight ad

  • 4 Module side of both types of ads

    modulo anuncios destacados y resaltados The module contains two types of ads (featured and highlighted), three ads remain displayed at all times, the appearance here is restricted as we change the category, so that ads appear only in the category that is being seen then, for this reason it may sometimes not appear any ads... that this is your opportunity to highlight your listing in your category.. In each category are displayed the advertisements in the current category with a maximum of 5 ads by subcategory.

  • 5 Ad Packages:

  • There are 8 packages of ads, both single, and 6 combined.

  1. Package of Highlight Ad: 6 € (euros)
  2. Package of Featured Ad: 9 € (euros)
  3. Package of Two Highlight Ads: 10 € (euros)
  4. Package of One Featured Ads + One Highlight Ad: 12 € (euros)
  5. Package of Two Featured Ads: 15 € (euros)
  6. Package of Two Highlight Ads + One Featured Ad: 18 € (euros)
  7. Package of Two Featured Ads + One Highlight Ad: 21 € (euros)
  8. Package of Two Featured Ads + Two Highlight Ads: 25 € (euros)

  • 6 Featured Ad in Top position: Module 150 x 100 pixels

    There is also an opportunity to featured your ad in the top, marked as:

    Add 'Your Ad' here!

    Showing around the site, visible as a module on all pages, we have over 200,000 pages indexed in Google. You can check Here

      Module Size: 150x100 píxels
    • 30 days of exposure: 7 EUR
    • 20 days of exposure: 6 EUR
    • 10 days of exposure: 5 EUR

    In this case the operation is simple, select the ad to be placed on the top, making the payment through PAYPAL and displayed for 10, 20 or 30 days according to your preferences. The module appears to make the payment, if not, contact us through the form and we will fix it right away. In this section there will never be more than 10 ads at the same time to ensure maximum visibility of the module during the time hire. 5 will always be visible with a maximum of 10 in every screen refresh.

  • NO registration required to place your ad on the top.

Any other combination, consult us.

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