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Publish on 08-07-2018
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Aspen Dental Picket Day
San Antonio, TX 78205, USA
San Antonio
1.00 $


Have you been injured by Aspen Dental, and then thrown away like trash after they were done messing up your teeth? Us too!
Aspen Dental has recently hired an attorney who demanded that and be removed. INSTEAD of acknowledging that THEY caused pain, it was decided by these brilliant high paying corp execs, LETS THREATEN TO SUE OUR VICTIM SO THIS WILL JUST GO AWAY. Nope Aspen Dental your nasty gram via attorney did not magically fix everything.
We are actively seeking legal counsel to determine if intimidating a victim into settling for a small amount is acceptable when there is still treatment being administered and there is an open case with the Board of Dentistry. B.A.D.'s goal is to expose the horrific occurrences
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San Antonio, TX, USA