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Publish on 10-13-2017
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572 Stanza Bopape St. Arcadia Pretoria, 0007, SA
Phone: 27795390814
100.00 $


*”Have you heard about this powerful Sheikh Musa Who trained in central Africa, I first saw him on a local program African Top Healer. I booked an appointment. He charged me R250.00 to read my fortune. I wouldn’t believe it when He told me my name and everything that has been happening in my life. He showed me all my enemies in a mirror and mentioned that me and my husband we have lost our firstborn son and our business has fallen which happened. He performed a special prayer for me which changed my life. If I met him before, I wouldn’t have lost my first born son and my business, thanks for guiding me I believe people are jealous out there, My business is now successful there is no way I can thank him other than informing the world about him Thanks, Sheikh Musa for your help.



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Johor Malaysia