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Published on 03-18-2023
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Guillermo DeLeon
8 999.00 €


This is a simple and easy-to-use code grabber that replaces several themed devices. It is an emulator for keyless entry systems.
Developed on the basis of the Bluetooth Audio Adapter - visually it has no differences, no cables, antennas or any other external modifications. This Code Grabber is the smallest and most compact device that has no analogues on the market.
The codegrabber emulator allows you to open and start a car with a keyless access system without any preliminary preparations. The device independently diagnoses and emulates a native smart key in a matter of seconds, becoming its clone, which allows you to open the car, start the engine and make a move.

10 memory locations
Generates an original key at the signal of the car door handle
Fully emulates the work of the original