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Carpet Cleaning Dublin
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Turn To The Professionals For Your Carpet Cleaning Needs

How dirty is your carpet? It filters the dirt particles floating around in the air- from dust, pollen and cigarette smoke particles, to even oil particles from cooking. When people walk into the home or office space, they bring in pollutants from the environment, such as car exhaust and other chemicals stuck to their hair, clothes and shoes. All these end up on the carpet, thanks to gravity. Then there’s the soiling tracked in from the road by visitors and employees, plus the mud from the yard by your furry friend. Add food and beverage spills, from bread crumbs, pasta and fast food residue, to wine, juice, soda, coffee and tea spills. Persons with pets have to deal with dander and fur strewn all over the carpet. All these gunk is held deep within the fibres of the carpet, and requires thorough carpet cleaning services to get rid of it. Call in our experts.

The soiling puts the health of the persons using your establishment at risk. The loose debris and dust particles get airborne once people walk on the carpet, due to agitation. They can get inhaled, thus exacerbating respiratory problems and triggering allergic reactions. You don’t want visitors to your home, or customers on your business premises, to keep coughing or sneezing because of the dirt being raised from the carpet. Our carpet cleaning services will remove all the gunk and grime, restoring the health of your establishment.

Value Of Hiring Professional Carpet Cleaning Services

1. Hot water extraction

Our carpet cleaning personnel use hot water extraction systems to remove even the deeply ingrained soiling. A solution of the optimal cleaning product for your particular type of carpet, plus heated water, is forced through the fibres. It breaks down the dirt and grime, and loosens them from the fibres. High-powered suction is then used to remove the mixture of the solution and residue, leaving your carpet clean and fresh.

2. Professional service delivery

The personnel has years of experience in handling the diverse types of material and carpet cleaning needs. They make use of tough acting products that break down even the toughest stains, and neutralise the odours emanating from your carpet. The carpet cleaning team will be on site in time, and will serve you will the utmost diligence and courtesy. They’ll also advice you on steps that you can take to reduce the rate of soiling and protect the carpet in your premises. We offer both domestic and commercial carpet cleaning. We’ll restore the beauty and glam of your carpet in your home, apartment, office suite, auto show room, retail store, gallery, hotel, day care centres, and even health care institutions such as nursing homes.

3. Quick cleaning

First, we’ve invested in high quality carpet cleaning machinery that gets the job done fast, without compromising on the quality of the results. The solutions and systems used rapidly emulsify the greasy residue and detach the heavy soiling from the fibres of the carpet. This cuts down on the amount of time spent on the cleaning process. In addition, the suction at the end of the carpet cleaning removes most of the moisture from the material, and the remainder dries in under 1 hour. This has the additional advantage of preventing the growth of mould and mildew. The drying can be further sped up by proper ventilation, like simply opening the windows, or running the fans and air conditioning system.

4. Eco-friendly cleaning processes

You want products and services that are safe for Mother Nature. That’s exactly what we use. The systems and solutions employed during the carpet cleaning pose no risk to the ecosystems in your home or business property. The indoor air quality is also maintained, thus protecting your household members at home, plus the employees and customers at your workplace.

5. Affordable services

Satisfying you is our business, and cost of our service delivery also factors in. You want a clean and gleaming carpet without straining your budget. Our carpet cleaning services are budget-friendly, and the specific price for your particular situation is determined by factors such as the type of carpet material, plus the size involved.

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Our booking and payment systems are easily accessible online. Give us a call through our free phone line and let us take care of your carpet cleaning needs for you.
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