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Professional CID protocol alarm systems, 8 wireless (24 detectors) PSTN alarm panel, Home, office,mercial security alarm systems with smoke sensor for fire alarm and motion sensor, door/window protection, easy installation wireless alarm systems with wireless keypad for easy controlling alarm panel.

Intems included:
one (1) alarm panel for master controller of alarm system KS-258B
two (2) wireless door/window, shutter maism contact KS-21AW
two (2) wireless indoor Passive Infrared Detector (Pet immunity) KS-307DCT
one (1) wireless smoke sensor SS-168W2
two (2) wireless remote controller KS-13B
one (1) Panic Switch, Emergency Button KS-11D
one (1) Wireless Keypad KS-31A
one (1) power adapter
one (1) English user's manual and other kits for installation

Control Panel (Model KS-258B)
CID protocol PSTNwork alarm panel, auto learning 24 wireless sensors and 8 remote controllers. Can be armed/disarmed remotely via telephone or mobile phone.
1. It is used as home. office security alarm host,munity monitor alarm panel.
2. 8 group of telephone No. mobile No. alarm center No. can be set.
3. Protoction zone type can be set as burglar, fire, emergency, medical etc. and can be modified.
4. It indicates when telephone line is cut off or opened.
5. Standby time > 24hours.
6. Dimension: 185mm*135mm*46mm

Smoke Sensor (model SS-168)
Wireless smoke sensor used in kitchen, hotel, living room etc. to prevent fire harm.
Photoelectric sensor for early detection from all directions
Sensitivity: Adapt to U1217 standed, 3.2% weak smoke per feet the detector respond
Alarm Output: Live sound and light alarm, cable output switch signal(Wire); Live sound and light alarm, wireless transmitters (frequency 315/433MHz)(Wireless); Live sound and light alarm(Independent) andwork
Alarm volume: 85dB in 3 meter distance

PIR sensor, motion sensor (model KS-307DCT)
Wireless PIR motion sensor suitable outside (if protected from water leaf).Equipped with an anti-sabotage, thanks to the radio range of 300 meters and suitable for homes, offices, stores up to 3 or more floors. And 'immune to small animals. The opening angle of detection is 90 degrees and the maximum detection distance is 8 meters.
Is recorded on the central self-learning system and thanks to a unique code with 500,000binations to avoid false alarms. 3 levels of sensitivity can be set. It works for temperatures between -20 and + 55 degrees.
And 'powered by 4 AAA batteries not supplied.
And 'with:
1. Double pir sensor chip internal high sensitivity internal
2. dual-channel signal processing and control of the disturbance signal
3. to stabilize the internal chip frequency
4. 9V jack on the side for optional auxiliary power supply
Specific and central KS898A KS858E, the dimensions are 110mmx60mmx45mm.
And 'including swivel bracket for connection to wall.

Sensor doors, windows and shutters (model KS-21AW)

Maic sensor for the door and / or windows with double internal reed provides two levels of security. Equipped with an anti-sabotage, thanks to the radio range of 400 meters and 'suitable for homes, offices, stores up to 3 or more floors. Equipped with a unique codebinations to 50,000 to avoid false alarms.
There is the central self-learning technology.
The internal battery life is 4-5 years and in case of battery failure or if, in addition to the LED lights up front, by sending a notice sent to the central Karassn right on your mobile phone.
The batteries are of the A23S (type remote control gate opener), ² so readily available on the market. Are included.
The sensor is applicable all'infisso bi-supplied industrial adhesive or screws.
The dimensions are 3.50 cm x6, x2 00 cm, 00 cm.

Keychain remote (model KS-13B)

Remote KS12-B encryption code.
Radio range much greater than 100 meters in open area and about 100m in the worst conditions.
And 'characterized by ease of use through the three function buttons: on, off panic function and early warning.
It also allows setting the delay function.
The batteries are of the A23S (type remote control gate opener), ² so readily available on the market. Are included.
Equipped with convenient keychain musket.

Emergency Button, Panic Switch (Model KS-11D)
1. Emergency calling when arm or disarm of alarm system.
2. Radiation distance can reach 800m (in the open area)
3. It adopts micro-power design, working current
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