Hello We represent a company that is both the producer and the provider of the newest technology in the field of gambling for all world class players. Eversince the starting of this business our interntion has been to create hi-tech products for leisure purpose related activities. Our employesses are professionals in domains like electronics, mechanics, chemistry, and they all work so that you have the possibility to reveal your magic talents to your friends and entourage by purchasing our unique hi-tech displayed products. Among our products are the amazing contact lenses with red lights thanks to which one is able to detect the invisible ink from marked game cards. Moreover, we make and sell micro cameras that can film and broadcast live any game cards while also offering you a programme of game analysis. Our latest model of camera enables you to see through game gards without having to mark them first. With us you can throw the dices and still hold control over the results because we provide you with the smalles remote control for dices. Wireless micro headsets offer you a discreet way of communication, together with body vibrating systems similar to the Morse code. com/watch?v=2FHRW2J2 WGA hzIOSopk http://www =DNeQxG8Py6Y msn: gambleromania@hotmail .com gambleromania@ tel: 0040720426253 tel: 0040720GAMBLE

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Publish on 04-20-2010
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