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Publish on 05-21-2012
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Mshoza Sophia
Northwest Territories
Phone: 0027763488294
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350.00 C$


With years of suffering in my marriage, I have been abused by my husband. After two years of our marriage he started changing, coming in the middle of the night and accusing me of things i never did, fighting with me all through the night. He even kicked me out of our business accusing me of having bad luck and reached to the extent of trying to divorce me. After keeping it to my self for long time. I spoke to my aunt about everything that was happening to me. She referred me to Sheikh Fahad who charged me only R350 to read my fortune, I couldn't believe it when he told me everything that was happening in my marriage. He prayed for me, gave me a bottle of Oil and some Herb to use which changed everything in three days, my husband came back to normal, I took him to Sheikh Fahad to pray for our business which was sinking, now we are living a happy life. Believe it or not He's really sent by Allah to save our world. Thank you Sheikh Fahad.
Stop Suffering in silence Sheikh Fahad is the answer.
If you have any problem please contact him on +27763488294