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Is currently in partnership with many national and international banks, we offer you our services provisions of credit and financing. We grant loans and financing up to $ 100,000 for individuals and companies some serious either your country or sectors on a fixed rate of between 3 and 7%. So you who need a personal loan for your personal accomplishments, funding for short and long term to create your small business investment for your project This is a boon for you. Do not hesitate to contact us for more details about our services. In addition we operate in the following areas:

* Personal Loan
* Funding for short and long term
* Home Loan or mortgage
* Investment Loan
* Auto Loan and leasing
* Debt Consolidation
* Acquisition of credit and mortgage etc.. ...

Contact us today and let us know the amount you would like to borrow track your repayment period.

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Publish on 04-11-2013
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100 000.00 C$