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Publish on 06-03-2014
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James Hudson
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Quality and healthy A Grade Arowana fish ( most species available) for sale at affordable prices. Each equiped with chip and certificate to comply with CITES. We have been in market since 2000 as an arowana hobbyist. We grow into one of the best arowana species, well known in International market. Here are some of the species that we have in stock with more than 250 in number per species:

Golden Arowana
Silver arowana
24k Golden arowana
Green Asian Arowana
Banjar Red Arowana,
Red Tail Golden,
Qian Hu Red Tail Golden
Panda Gold
High Back Red Tail Golden
Red Tail Golden Splendour
Chilli Red Arowana
Super Red Arowana
Tung Hu Chilli Red Arowana
Crossback Golden Arowana
Violet Fusion Super Red
Blue Base Golden Crossback
Red Splendour Crossback (Tong Yang)
Platinum Crossback Arowana
Super Red Arowana-0047
Panda Wild Blue
Super Red Arowana - 0035
Super Red Arowana - 0067
King Super Red Arowana
Super Red Arowana (Show Grade) - 0082.

Contact us for more information and pricing if interested in any of the
arowana listed above. Sale equally with aquariums and there are possibilities of shipping any where around the world.
Our prices are the best. so don't hesitate!

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