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Gordon Mackenzie
G75 0U
Scotland - Strathclyde
Great Britain
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The Letter.
Alpha Centauri System…or…Barnard’s Star In the
Constellation of Ophiuchus?

A book by Gordon Ferguson Mackenzie

A Sci-fi Adventure Story

ISBN 078-0-244-77288-8
General Access….

A star system that is nearest to our planet and Sun.
And a constellation which has a Star that is the fourth nearest star to our Sun.

Question: Some humans have a love for an adventure…but would you immigrate on a spaceship with ten thousand other humans, and only have a slim hope of finding a planet that is suitable to sustain human life, and if you found such a planet to survive on, and colonize the planet, then live your whole life out on the planet, never to return to your home world, Planet Earth?

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South Lanarkshire, UK