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Publish on 06-19-2019
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nueva zelanda Auckland, Waikato
Palmerston North
South Yorkshire
Nueva Zelanda
Phone: 17862315206
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The market for pellets for fuel is now dominated by wood pellets of superior quality due to the reduction in cost compared to propane, electricity and heating oil. Wood is also a renewable resource. The quality of the material used makes a big difference in the results, issues like softwood, hardwood and whether or not there is bark included in the pellets can make a big difference in the type of heat provided and the amount of ash produced. It could even manufacture Hemp pellets, achieving results that meet the highest standards.
Some benefits of Meelko machinery:
• Experience, with more than 20 years in the market we not only offer a great quality of service, we also have credibility and advanced knowledge in the area.
• Comfort: Meelko devices guarantee optimal efficiency with high qu
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