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Publish on 06-18-2014
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Good morning , Mr. and Mrs.
This message is for people , the poor, or those who have a certain credit in the need to rebuild their lives . They are looking for loans or to buy your activities either for a project or an apartment, but you start are banned or your credit file has been rejected by the bank. I am an individual I grant loans of 3,000 to 950.000.000 for all persons in a position to meet the conditions. I am not a bank and I do not require a lot of documents that you trust , but you have a fair person , be honest , reliable, and Sage . I grant loans to people who . Across Europe and in the world ( Irlande, Angleterre, USA,France, Belgium, Canada, Switzerland , Germany , Italy, Spain, ... ) My interest rate is 3% per year. If you need money for other reasons, do not hesitate to contact me for more information . I am available to meet my clients in 3 days after receipt of the application form . If you are interested , please contact me . Beg for more information.