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Publish on 12-26-2017
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Gordon Mackenzie
Western Australia
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Space Station Venus
In Orbit Around The Planet

Space...The future of Humans
ISBN: 978-0-244-33319-5

E-Book story by
Gordon Ferguson Mackenzie

An idea to change the atmosphere of Venus was thought of in the twentieth century by an American astronomer, Carl Sagan. Space Station Venus was put into orbit around the planet to change its atmosphere in the twenty-first century… Not everyone was pleased.

Living on a space station for long periods at a time is difficult for an astronaut, or anyone, for that matter.
You have to get used to being away from the Earth, the home of Humans, whether the space station is orbiting our planet, or any other planet in our solar system. This space station is in orbit around Venus.

What makes it more difficult on Space Station Venus, there is a kill