One-Pennyworth and the Butterfields

Part One…Children of the Streets &
Part Two…A Boy called Dreamtime

E-Book by Gordon Ferguson Mackenzie

ISBN 978-0-244-90256-8

A story set in the early 19th Century, for young Teens, and for those who like an adventure story

An adventure story, which follows the life of two young boys and a girl, from begging to stay alive, to a better existence ─ A hard thing to do! ─ Some evil people will take advantage of them, and some people, being good, will help them.

They will leave England, the land of their birth, and travel the world’s oceans on a naval sailing ship (Atlantic, Indian and the Pacific oceans), eventually arriving in New South Wales, which is now part of Australia. The story starts in eighteen-ten ─ five years after the sea battle of Trafa

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Publish on 12-26-2017
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Gordon Mackenzie
Western Australia
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