The Fry's Brothers have definitely taken the art of reaitl Pump and Dump to a new level! I go there only when I know exactly what I want and that they do in fact have the best price.These guys spend **nothing** in actualy making themselves the Hi-Tech Professional hangout they claim to be, either online or at the brick and mortar. Their stores proclaim Welcome Hi-Tech Professionals , and as one myself am always utterly disgusted by the incompetence in their people and their processes. To expect an inteligent answer from the throngs of the Clearasil Crew they fill their Associate Ranks with is about as ridiculous as considering to ask a question in the first place! Add to this that you can't even get a basic wireless connection at their stores (to answer your own question!) and disgusting is topped with a steaming hot pile of pathetic!If these guys could get their act together online and in person, they could triple their sales!
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Publish on 03-13-2012
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